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Arta International Group since 2009 under the management of Mr. Masood Darvish international job search professionally active in canada with reputable attorneys.

This collection has an official license from the ministry of cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare called arta international job search.

Also, arta international group, the only licensee of the iranian labor guidance and support office in canada, is providing related services to iranian compatriots.

Arta international group has official offices in montreal, canada, headquartered in shiraz and tehran.

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Specialized services Canada

Immigrating and settling in Canada

Skilled Worker
Express Entry
The shortest way to migrate

shortest The way to immigrate to Canada

To immigrate to canada approx ۱۰۰ there are visa types and programs that immigrate to canada complicates.

Our consultants at arta international group introduce the best and fastest way to immigrate to Canada according to your circumstances.

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کوتاه ترین راه مهاجرت به کانادا

The shortest way to get accommodation

shortest How to get to Canada

Immigrating to canada is a long and complicated process, especially if you are planning to immigrate to canada but still do not know where to start, or when to search over ۱۰۰ you pay for the type of visa and immigration program and this worries you.

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کوتاه ترین راه رسیدن به اقامت کانادا

Residence conversion

Residence conversion Temporary to permanent residence

Obtaining a temporary visa is considered a step towards obtaining permanent residence in canada. For those who already have a temporary temporary visa, there are several ways to convert a temporary resident to a permanent resident.

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تبدیل اقامت موقت به اقامت دائم

Convert PR

Conversion (PR) To permanent residence

Conversion applicants PR Temporary residents are required to go through steps and processes in this regard. These steps and processes can be different for each person.

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تبدیل (PR) به اقامت دائم

Low cost migration

lowest cost The way to immigrate to Canada

Some people who decide to immigrate to canada prefer to choose the cheapest way to immigrate. You will be introduced to the cheapest ways to immigrate according to your unique circumstances.

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کم هزینه ترین راه مهاجرت به کانادا

Low cost education

lowest cost The way to study in Canada

Study and stay in canada in three ways Student Visa، College Technical Visa and Student visa it is possible.

Our advisors at arta international group will introduce you to the best and cheapest way to study in Canada.

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کم هزینه ترین راه تحصیل در کانادا

Arta International Group Services


Other Canadian Services

Airport pickup and home preparation

Providing insurance coverage

Legal matters related to employment and labor and employer relations

Help to attend training and skills classes

Assistance in arranging and provisions of the contract between the Iranian labor force and a foreign employer

Canadian Civil and Labor Law Orientation Meetings with Canadian Lawyers

Confirmation of identity and job documents of the Iranian labor force applying for a job skills booklet for eligible people

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